Invitation to submit Article in Special Issue Energies – Deadline for Submission Extended

Dear Colleagues,

We trust you are well and staying safe. As The Guest Editor for the upcoming Special Issue of Energies on the subject of “Future Integration of Photovoltaic Systems”, we are inviting submissions in the area of emerging PV technologies and systems. The last two decades have witnessed dramatic developments in PV technologies and their uptake. Prices have come down, the products are more robust, and PV technology is now mainstream. Research and development nevertheless continue apace, with new materials such as perovskites being discovered and techniques to improve the efficiency of existing PV technologies also being pursued.

This Special Issue will focus on emerging PV technologies and systems for application in diverse areas ranging from building-integrated systems to grid-scale PV (mini, micro, and utility). Submissions on techno-economic aspects, technical readiness level, as well as the sustainability of the technologies will be particularly welcome.

Prof. Dr Joseph Mutale
Dr Inġ. Brian Azzopardi
Guest Editors