The three winter/summer schools hosted in Malta by MCAST will provide training for young researchers and high-level technical staff. They address topics in the field of PV integration, related technologies and electricity markets. All the participants will have the possibility to interact and share experiences and activities with high-level experts.

Annual Winter/Summer schools are intended to be one-week schools open to local and international academic and research institutions and industry around the Mediterranean in addition to partners and stakeholders. It is intended to establish this series as an annual event to be continued beyond the end of the JUMP2Excel project as part of the sustainability research strategy.

The Schools scheduled for this year will take place in October, November May and June.

JUMP2Excel School – November 2019

The Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST) Energy Research Group (MCASTEnergy) in partner with The University of Manchester (United Kingdom), CENER (Spain) and CEA (France) are inviting you the 1st JUMP2Excel Training School.

The school is directed to early career professionals and early career researchers including students aspiring a research career in academia, research centres or industry. The JUMP2Excel Training School offers a fast-paced comprehensive overview, followed by advanced lectures, international conference exposure and stakeholders roundtable on ‘Solutions for Photovoltaic Systems Integration’. School Poster.

The JUMP2Excel Training School is in cooperation and supporting The SBE19 Malta International Conference. Participants may opt to submit an abstract and paper for publication.


The registration form which includes Participants Information Sheet, as well as GDPR consent, is to reach by the 30th July 2019. Spaces are limited.  Suggested Accommodation may be found here.

The JUMP2Excel: Joint Universal activities for Mediterranean PV integration Excellence project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 810809.

JUMP2Excel Training School Package

  2. FREE ACCESS TO SBE19 Malta International Conference (limited to specific sessions)
  3. ACCESS TO PUBLISH AND PRESENT AT THE SBE19 Malta International Conference

School Programme


Prof. Jovica V Milanovic, The University of Manchester
Challenges of the operation of the system with stochastic renewable generation

Prof. Alejandro Marano-Marcolini, University of Sevilla
The use of advanced demand side management to compensate for variability of PV generation

Dr Alejandro Martinez Cesena, The University of Manchester
Combining PV With Different forms of Storage in Smart Building and Community Multi-Energy Systems

Dr Ali Kazerooni, Consultant
Smart Solutions for facilitating the PV Integration into distribution networks

Antoine Guerin de Montgareuil, CEA
Considerations on storing photovoltaic energy in insular territories

Prof. Elias Kyriakides, University of Cyprus
Monitoring of distribution systems with PV penetration and integration of storage solutions

Gabriel Garcia, CENER
The role of Energy Storage for PV integration

Prof. Íñigo de la Parra, Public University of Navarre
Management of PV power generation. Less variability and more predictability

Dr Nicolas Sébastien, Reuniwatt
Solar power forecasting: technologies and opportunities for massive and secure PV integration

Dr Vytautas Siozinys, UAB Energy Advice
PV Grid integration and maintenance with EA-PSM software

Prof. Reza Arghandeh, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
Higher Renewable Penetration Needs Higher Situational Awareness, a Case for Distribution Synchrophasors

Prof. Ralph Gottschalg, Fraunhofer Institute
Risks and associated mitigation strategies when integrating PV into the network

Dr Kang Ma, University of Bath
The impact of phase imbalance on the connections of low carbon technologies

Dr Jelena Ponocko, The University of Manchester
The use of advanced demand side management to compensate for variability of PV generation

Prof. Joseph Mutale, The University of Manchester
Photovoltaics as a sustainable energy source: brief on research topics on solutions

Dr Inġ. Brian Azzopardi, MCAST
Photovoltaics explained simply