MCAST Energy researchers present two papers and chair at the MEDPOWER (Mediterranean Conference on Power Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Energy Conversion) 2020 – Online

Dr Somesh Bhattacharya, Postdoc Research Fellow MCAST Energy Research Group (MCAST Energy) presented the paper entitled: “Augmented fuzzy logic inertial response for hybrid microgrid”. A second paper was presented by Mr Brian Bartolo entitled “Mitigation solutions to high penetration of Photovoltaics and Electric Vehicles integration in Malta”.

The papers present novel methodological solutions for high penetration of Photovoltaics (PVs), Electric Vehicles (EVs) and other static sources that are increasingly present in today’s electricity networks. Read more here:

This work was supported in part by the European Commission H2020 TWINNING JUMP2Excel (Joint Universal activities for Mediterranean PV integration Excellence) project under grant 810809 and H2020 TWINNING NEEMO (Networking for Excellence in Electric Mobility Operations) project under grant 857484.

Dr Inġ Brian Azzopardi, Senior Lecturer II and Principal investigator of MCAST Energy was honorary co-chair of the conference and chaired the session on Power Quality. The session created a very interesting debate on different investigation studies on electricity grid reliability, stability and quality.

MEDPOWER conference is organised by the IET local networks providing the opportunity for engineers, scientists, technicians, researchers, scholars and companies to exchange ideas and discuss the latest research achievements in academia and industry. The conference also aims to provide a forum to create opportunities for networking and collaboration through a series of presentations, talks, exhibitions and special sessions. MEDPOWER 2020 covered all aspects of power system design, operation, and planning, including the integration of ICT and energy systems as well as addressing challenges in the future energy markets.

MEDPOWER 2022 will be hosted in Malta by the IET Local Network in November 2022. Pencil your calendars for this event.