Our Research on Parameter Optimization of Solar PV Cells published in IEEE Access

Our Research on Opposition-based Tunicate Swarm Algorithm for Parameter Optimization of Solar Cells published in IEEE Access.
The paper proposes a novel opposition-based tunicate swarm algorithm for parameter estimation of solar cells. The algorithm is developed based on the exploration and exploitation components of the tunicate swarm algorithm. The opposition-based learning mechanism is employed to improve the diversification of the search space to provide a precise solution. This international collaboration included the researchers from University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, India Abhishek Sharma, Dr Abhinav Sharma, Ankit Dasgotra, Tasks Leader of the JUMP2Excel project Dr Vibhu Jately along with the Principal Investigator of JUMP2Excel project Dr Inġ. Brian Azzopardi and researchers from Ariel University, Israel Dr Shailendra Rajput Dr Moshe Averbukh and Prof Mangey Ram from Graphic Era Deemed to be University, India.
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