JUMP2Excel Workshop: Cadarache – May 2019

In the frame of the European project JUMP2Excel, CEA organised 3 days of lessons with the best experts in every domain concerned by the massive introduction of intermittent and random energies on electric grids: photovoltaics specialists, experts in energy storage, in smart management of electric grids, in rational use of electricity, specialists of the prediction of the solar resource, societal aspects of energy transition. The speakers will describe the issues in a very synthetic way while resituating in the context of energy transition.

During these days, the JUMP2Excel project participants from Malta, Spain, Great-Britain and France will have the opportunity to meet a strong delegation of the Electricity Syndicate of Martinique Island, representatives from the Energy group at Aix-Marseille University and project managers of the Land Use Planning and Energy transition Direction of the Region SUD Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur public body.  

Workshop Schedule

Day 1 LecturesDay 2 LecturesDay 3 Lectures
Mr Nicolas Auriac, representative of CEA department DPACA
Dr Brian Azzopardi, MCAST Energy, coordinator of the JUMP2Excel project
Smart grids and energy storage: Thermal storage in water tanks
Eng. Dr. Pierre Garcia, CEA
Presentation of the workshop’s agenda
Mr Antoine Guerin de Montgareuil, CEA 
Smart grids and energy storage: Producing hydrogen by electrolysis and using it in fuels cells
Eng. Paul Lucchese, Capenergies
Smart grids and programme Flexgrid: Presentation of the Flexgrid programme 
Dr. Raphaël Rinaldi, Capenergies
Smart grids and energy storage: Methanation and Flexgrid project Power to Gas
Dr. Albin Chaise, CEA
Smart grids and insular territories: Balancing supply and demand in the Corsica electric grid
Dr. Alberto Pagnetti, EDF – SEI
Smart grids and photovoltaics: Solar resource prediction for electric grids
Prof. Philippe Blanc, Mines ParisTech
Smart grids and photovoltaics: Perspectives of photovoltaics on the power exchange
Dr. Bruno Robisson, CEA
Smart grids and energy storage: Micro Pump Hydro Energy Storage in Corsica
Eng. Denis Blanquet, CEA
Smart grids, energy storage and load management: Using “artificial intelligence” algorithms
Dr. Javier Gil-Quijano, CEA
Smart grids and photovoltaics: Megasol and Flexgrid project Megagri
MSc. Alexandre Mignonac, CEA –
Smart grids and insular territories: Societal aspects of energy transition
Eng. Etienne Brégeard, CEA
Smart grids, photovoltaics and load management: The Smart airport Flexgrid project
Dir. William Colo and Eng. Florent Marc, Marseille Airport

Smart grids and energy storage: Performance of Li-ion batteries
Dr. Mikaël Cugnet, CEA