Our Research on Optimal Capacity Expansion of MCAST Microgrid published in IEEE Access

Our research on the framework for capacity expansion planning of the real-word active MCAST microgrid is published in IEEE Access. The paper proposes a realistic framework with the concept “expansion through time” inspired by “Real Options Theory”. The framework includes practical parameters like resource & load uncertainty, physical space required to install, revenue generated by resources, and maximum demand penalty, on top of electrical parameters; constrained with significant return in investments to improve the overall savings. The work also proposes a market participation model for microgrid, which defines a bidding process with two components, such as regular and flexible portions under both normal and extreme conditions. This international collaboration included the Tasks Leader of the JUMP2Excel project Dr Vibhu Jately along with the Principal Investigator of JUMP2Excel project Dr Inġ. Brian Azzopardi and another researcher Dr Balaji Venkateswaran V from Woxsen University, India. You may view projects related to scientific publications from Research Gate