MCAST Energy researchers present a paper and chair at the IEEE PES ISGT (Innovative Smart Grid Technologies) Europe 2020 – Online

Today, Dr Somesh Bhattacharya, Postdoc Research Fellow, from MCAST Energy Research Group (MCAST Energy) presented the paper entitled: “Control of Inertia in Hybrid Microgrids from Regulated DC Microgrid Systems”. The paper presented a novel methodology integrating a number of energy sources and loads through direct and/or alternative current supply networks. The purpose is to provide inertia support on the grid. Read more here:

This work was supported in part by the European Commission H2020 TWINNING JUMP2Excel (Joint Universal activities for Mediterranean PV integration Excellence) project under grant 810809; H2020 TWINNING NEEMO (Networking for Excellence in Electric Mobility Operations) project under grant 857484.

Yesterday, Dr Inġ Brian Azzopardi, Senior Lecturer II and Principal investigator of MCAST Energy chaired the session on Big and Open Data. The session created a very interesting debate on different algorithms for clustering time series data, benefits of open data and other methodologies for repairs or fault detection using AI within the power network.

The aim of the 10th IEEE PES ISGT Conference is to provide an international forum for experts to promote, share, and discuss innovations and developments in the field of smart grid technologies and applications. The academic and industrial community will address new challenges and share solutions at the interface of technology, information, and complex systems, and discuss future research directions. IEEE PES ISGT-Europe 2020 will feature keynotes, plenary sessions, paper, and poster sessions, industry presentations, and panels by worldwide experts on the smart grid and related technologies.